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3D Animation & Technology (Grade 5~12)

About Class

3D Animation and Technology Class: Learn fundamental 3D skills and get ready for a 3D animation adventure – it's like turning your imagination into a virtual blockbuster! In this course, you will learn how to conceptualize a 3D model by understanding fundamental elements and to 3D Painting and 3D Sculpting. Texturing and lighting objects, and render 3D creations. Students will learn how to create basic concept art, translate 2D concepts into simple 3d objects and how to develop those concepts into polished models. Together we go through how to navigate 3D spaces and software and the best way to use them to translate your ideas into 3D Art. -Creative 3D Modeling -Sculpting & UV -Shaders and Textures -Move and Groove -Light the Stage -Realtime Rendering -Understanding traditional and digital animation skills and concepts. All levels welcome. Students are welcome to take this class several times and keep improving their animation skills.

Contact Details

  • 1639 Center Avenue

    1639 Center Avenue, Fort Lee, NJ, USA

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